Immobilien und Vermögens GmbH

Is a company operating in the field of business and financial consultancy, in the internationalization of business and companies, which makes use of professionals in the legal, fiscal, tax and financial sectors.
Works on the Italian territory and offers his advisory service to companies that want to develop their businesses in Italy and Austria.

Omni Euroconsult Immobilien und Vermögen GmbH

is the most accredited and reliable solution for the Italian entrepreneurship

Specialized in tax and financial consulting for companies, Omni Euroconsult is able to offer advice and services to reduce the tax burden and improve the economic condition of Italian companies, ensuring results of maximum clarity, certainty and economic efficiency in every situation, even the most complex.

Italy have the most tax burden, the Belpaese is the worst place to invest in Europe for the taxation on profit:

64,8 % against a European average of del 40,6%*

Audit Preparation40.6
Audit Preparation64.8

There are three indicators:


Fiscal pressure on companies


A waste of time for the bureaucracy


Higher taxes for the company

The Industry Leader

Investing Strategies
Tax Optimization
Risk Complications
Services and Resources

Omnieuroconsult’s purpose is offer averall advice for the company that want to start the most important and professional project in Carinthia.

The foreign national can to create and take over the company in Austria.

The legal  taxation is in order, it includes facilities and exemptions for a particular type of company,

the taxes can be reduced up to at 20%


*source: World Bank’s annual report and PWC “payingtaxes 2016”

Liebenauer Haupstrasse 2-6 Graz, Austria
AT U72304348
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