Employer (company)

  • Based on the gross salary
  • Social security contributions
  • (maximum monthly income € 4,860.00)
  • Municipal Taxes
  • Tfr

Fringe benefits for employees

  • The car constitutes figurative income of the employee

    1. Fringe benefit equal to 1.5% of the purchase cost for a maximum of € 720.00 per month for CO2 emissions lower than 130g
    2. Fringe benefits equal to 2% of the purchase cost for a maximum of € 960.00 per month for CO2 emissions exceeding 130g.

  • The corporate apartment constitutes income for an amount equal to 75% of the rent paid

Work Rights

  • Work contract and remuneration: it is advisable to conclude a contract of employment in writing; the remuneration must comply with the collective agreement of the sector in which the company operates
  • After the trial period (usually 1 month) the report can be canceled by both parties observing the terms of notice required by law
  • 14 months are paid in Austria
  • Since 2003 there is a new form of severance indemnity in Austria: a liquidation by the employer is no longer provided for, but by a severance pay fund, in which the employer is required to pay a monthly contribution of 1, 53%
  • The costs of work: the contributions that the employer has to pay monthly (social security contributions, city tax, TFR fund) amount to approx. 30% of gross salary.

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