Consulting, communication and development area:

  • Operational and commercial marketing analysis and strategies, business plan
  • Market research for business development, finding new customers in specific areas
  • Financial analysis – company rating for creditworthiness and mcc.

Service for the Trade Credit

  • assignments of claims with peer to peer system;
  • unsecured finance with peer to peer system;
  • operating lease in agreement with the most important operating company of the sector;
  • rental system for web and cloud;
  • installment sales with payment to the supplier;
  • search for financial or commercial partners

Very professional people for financial and insurance services:

  • Commercial credit factorization – Indirect factor – Suppliers payment guarantees
  • advances on receivables without recourse and with recourse from Italy and abroad;
  • consortium guarantees for access to credit;
  • medium-long term financing for investments or for liquidity
  • consolidation of debt situations
  • operating and financial leases on any type of instrumental or real estate asset
  • commercial credit insurance – Fidejussioni – supply payment guarantees (loyal customers)
  • insurance in all classes, industrial risks – land and sea transport – guarantees on supply or service contracts
  • deposits Vs. Privates and Your Public – participation in temporary and definitive tenders
  • special credit – Loans

 We offer services in collaboration with other company:

  • cybersecurity
  • Privacy Law –GDPR
  • tax credit service, research and development


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