Taxing Of Companies

  • The investors’ income is taxed with IRES at 25%
  • Other IRAP-like taxes do not exist
  • For the determination of the tax base, the deduction of all expenses for the production of income is eligible. In principle, all expensespertaining to the company’s operations are deductible, for example personnel, depreciation, travel expenses, interest paid, license fees, fees, write-downs of receivables
  • Substantial identity between statutory profit and tax profit
  • The depreciation period depends on the duration of economic use:

    • machinery = from 5 to 10 years
    • corporate buildings = 2.5% per year
    • cars = 8 years

  • Possibility of compensation / carryover of losses without time limitations.
  • Compensation / carryover is allowed with 75% of taxable income.
  • The minimum IRES expected is € 500.00 for the first 5 years

    • € 1000.00 for the following 5
    • € 1750.00 after 10 years

  • The tax must be paid regardless of the operating result. In case of losses, the minimum tax can be used in the years in which the profits are accrued
  • In order to start a business in Austria through a joint-stock company, it is essential to actually operate an economic activity
  • Regardless of the residence of the directors, their decisions must take place in Austrian territory

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